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We outlined the overall generational trends on gender roles here, which showed how important cohort effects are to views on whether it’s a husband’s role to earn money and a wife’s to stay at home.  But one of the immediate questions this raises is how does that differ between men and women within generations?


As the chart above shows, it seems that generational effects are dominant - the culture you were brought up in has more impact than your own gender.  


There is little difference between the views of baby boomers, generation X and generation Y – few believe that it’s a wife’s job to look after the home, and there is not much difference between genders within each of these generations.


As with the overall pattern, the pre-1945 generation stand out as different. Women from that generation are less likely to agree than men from the same cohort (and this was particularly the case in the late 90s), but they are still much more likely to than women from younger generations.  


So from a family policy point of view, going forward we now clearly have three generations where both men and women are in agreement that such blunt distinctions in gender roles are a thing of the past.  

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